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How Tegke Works?


Don't have the luxury of waiting for your turn? You don't need to worry anymore! You can make a reservation through our app and decide the agreed time and price to your liking.


Need to find a service shop to repair your device? You don't need to do that anymore! Just make a reservation through our application and you can meet with our tech guy anywhere you want to!


Our tech guy will check and figure out the best solution for your device!


We got some techno wizards to fix your issues in an instant and with precision., so you don't need to wait and worry for a prolonged time.

What is TEGKE?

TEGKE starts from our founder (Juan Ryanto) which often repairs his friend's laptop.

TEGKE starts from our founder (Juan Ryanto) which often repairs his friend's laptop. He saws that there are so many people who got some problems in their device but won't repair it on a service center or on a third party repair shop. The main problem in which they don't want to repair it to the person that they don't personally know is that they are afraid of their hardware switched out with a worse one without them knowing, because they don't see firsthand how the repair-man works. The other problem lies on the consumed time to repair their device which takes a very long time through queueing, most of them don't have the luxury of waiting. The last problem is that the repair shop could give you abnormal pricing which may cost them a lot more than standart.


Services List

  • Installing Operating System
  • Installing Software
  • Fixing Software Problems
  • Fixing Hardware Problems